Saturday, November 1, 2008

And the champion is...

Congratulations to Ben Peal for winning the 2008 V:TES North American Championship! Ben pulled his second win in a row. Impressive!

Maléfice should provide more details soon about the last events as well as a recap of the entire week. Stay tuned for more info.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

NAC Day 1 report

The first day of the 2008 NAC is now over. 55 players fought to get to day 2, with only 25 of them being chosen for tomorrow. Games were fierce with many different archetypes present. At the end of the day, Matt Morgan won the tournament with an Assamite Anarch deck.

Oh, and artist Heather Kreiter arrived at the NAC yesterday. I managed to get a picture of her with some of her art for cards of the Keepers of Tradition set!

Day 5 report: Last Chance Qualifier

Yesterday was the day of the Last Chance qualifier. 40 players battles for extra qualifying spots. In the end, Pascal AKA "Floppy" won the event with a pre/obf vote deck with Sabbat vampires.

Oscar also received cards from the new set, Keepers of Tradition, so a few of us played in a draft tournament with the new cards. The set looks awesome with incredible reprints and terrific vampires (including new Inner Circles).

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Black Miracle and Lies Storyline results

The Black Miracle and Lies storyline is now over with the winner being Kevin McLean. I did not see the entire final game but know he was playing with lots of vampires on the invitation list (Menele, Helena, Yitzak). Let's see how this'll affect the storyline!

UPDATE: pics are in!

4th day getting under way

I just arrived at the NAC room this afternoon and things are getting underway for the special Black Miracle and Lies storyline tournament. The room is filling up fast, with around 30 players in it currently - hopefully we'll reach the 40 mark for the tournament!

I wasn't there yesterday but was told that Greg Williams won the third Mini-Q with a weird Nephandus/Assamite-Khabar Leadership deck (!). Maybe someone who was there would be able to provide more details. :-)

For those reading this who weren't sure if they would come play, I can assure you that things look absolutely kick-ass from here. Lots of people from lots of places, friendly games lasting until 4:30 in the morning - everything the NAC is supposed to be!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Results Day 2 MiniQ

The winner of the final is Hugh Angseeing. This time two local players made the final, unfortunately neither of them was capable of ousting Hugh. Hugh played a Nephandus Deck. Orian made the final a second time with an Omaya deck if i remember correctly. The other deck in the final was a Potence-Dominate Deck, an Ahrimane Deck and a Giovanni Stealth Bleed.

I have played a Lasombra Bruise-Bleed but i was the one getting What i can see so far is the first two MiniQ had a lot of combat deck....let see today what we will have.....

NAC 2008 Results First MiniQ

The first MiniQ was won by one of our cousin from France. Orian won with a Ravnos vote. The final was very well played buth everything went boom in 20 minutes only with an Anarchist Upprising that killed 3 methuselahs at the same